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Ovarian cysts are small fluid-filled sacs which are usually not malignant(cancerous).These sacs may not cause any symptoms or they can cause quite a bit of pain .Sometimes ovarian cysts appear in connection with your menstrual cycle.

The pain can be excruciating. A sharp, yet dull throbbing sensation continuously occurring throughout the lower abdomen. You may feel as though you need to be rushed quickly to the hospital. You may wonder what is causing you to feel so bad or creating such an intense pain. If there has been no diagnosis, you may be experiencing the pain of an ovarian cyst or an ovarian cyst eruption.

What Are Ovarian Cysts?

Most females have ovarian cyst developing sometime during their life

Ovarian Cysts are fluid-filled sacs which are similar to blisters. Ovarian cysts are common among women during their reproductive years and are growths that form on the two almond sized organs on each side of the uterus. Most types of ovarian cysts are harmless and go away without any treatment.

Ovarian cysts are very common, particularly in women between the ages of 30 and 60. They may be single or multiple, and can occur in one or both ovaries. Most are benign (non-cancerous), but approximately 15 percent are malignant (cancerous).

Ovaries are feminine egg producing organs located on each side of the uterus.

Females are born with two ovaries. Ovaries are feminine egg producing organs located on each side of the uterus. The ovaries are about the size of an almond. Each month during a woman's childbearing years, an egg produced in the ovary is released. This release begins the monthly menstrual cycle. If during this period, the egg is fertilized, the result is most likely a pregnancy.

The normal function of the ovaries is to produce an egg each month. During the process of ovulation, a cyst-like structure called a follicle is formed inside the ovary. The mature follicle ruptures when an egg is released during ovulation. The corpus leteum forms from the empty follicle and if pregnancy does not occur, the corpus leteum dissolves. Sometimes this process does not conclude appropriately causing the most common type of ovarian cyst -- functional ovarian cysts.

Most females have ovarian cyst developing sometime during their life. Some cysts occur on a regular basis however will cause no discomfort. These cysts will usually disappear, burst or just dissolve without causing any further complications or discomfort. There are those times however, when the cyst will not burst or will burst causing excruciating pain.

Abnormal Ovarian Cysts such as:dermoid cysts,cystadenoma cysts,endometrioma cysts, and polycystic ovarian disease often occur as the result of an imbalance of female hormones (estrogen and progesterone).

A cyst lasting for an extended period may cause other problems. In all likelihood, your gynecologist will discover any abnormalities, including cyst, when performing the recommended yearly exam.

How Ovarian Cyst is Diagnosed?

For ovarian cyst it is important to have it accurately diagnosed, to distinguish it from other, more serious conditions like ovarian cancer.To diagnose a cyst, your doctor will do a Pelvic Exam and send you for an Ultrasound.

Pelvic Exam

To feel for masses or tenderness in your uterus or ovaries, your doctor will do a pelvic exam. The doctor will insert one or two fingers inside your vagina and press on your abdomen with the other hand.

In some cases, the doctor may also do a rectovaginal exam, where one finger is inserted into the rectum and one in the vagina,for just a few seconds, to feel for any lumps.

Your doctor will likely do these exams in conjunction with vaginal cultures and a Pap smear,to rule out infection and other causes of pelvic pain.


An ultrasound directs high-frequency sound waves at organs inside the body - in this case, the uterus and ovaries.

The 'echoes' produce an onscreen image. Thicker tissue appears lighter on the ultrasound screen. Because cysts are filled with fluid, it is usually easy for a doctor to distinguish a cyst from a solid tumour when viewing the ultrasound pictures.

Ultrasound technology has been used for more than 35 years and studies show it is safe. It does NOT use radioactive material to produce an image.

Trans-vaginal ultrasound is used to diagnose ovarian cysts. A trans-vaginal ultrasound uses a slender wand, which is inserted into the vagina, to produce images of the uterus and ovaries on a video screen. The doctor then analyzes the images to determine whether there is a cyst. An ultrasound should not be painful, unless the cyst is already causing abdominal tenderness.


What Causes Ovarian Cysts?

The following are possible risk factors for developing Ovarian Cysts

1) History of previous ovarian cysts

2) Irregular menstrual cycles

3) Increased upper body fat distribution

4) Early menstruation (11 years or younger)

5) Infertility

6) Hypothyroidism or hormonal imbalance

7) Tamoxifen therapy for breast cancer

What are the Symptoms of Ovarian Cysts?

To assure your health and safety, there are some symptoms you may experience and should look for when a cyst is causing problems
Ovarian cysts often cause no symptoms; however when symptoms are present, ovarian cysts may cause a dull ache or a sense of fullness or pressure in the abdomen. Pain during intercourse and at other times can also indicate the presence of ovarian cysts.

If you have an Ovarian Cyst, Symptoms are:

1)Menstrual irregularities.

2) Pelvic pain- a constant or intermittent dull ache that may radiate to your lower back and thighs. Pelvic pain shortly before your period begins or just before it ends. Pelvic pain during intercourse

3) Nausea, vomiting or breast tenderness similar to that experienced during pregnancy

4) Fullness or heaviness in abdomen.

5) Pressure on bladder - difficulty emptying your bladder completely.

6) Sudden, severe abdominal or pelvic pain

7) Pain accompanied by fever or vomiting

8) painful sex

9) weight gain.

Keep in mind that the above symptoms of ovarian cysts are fairly generic and may also be associated with the presence of other conditions, such as endometriosis, ectopic pregnancy or pelvic inflammatory disease.

In more serious cases when the ovarian cysts are particularly harmful to your health, symptoms include:-dizziness or light-headedness,fatigue,fever,severe abdominal pain,shortness of breath and/or rapid breathing,vomiting.


Ovarian Cysts Treatments

Ovarian Cysts Treatment | Method One : Surgery

Very Invasive

Laparotomy: This is a more invasive surgery in which an incision is made through the abdominal wall in order to remove a cyst.


Laparoscopic surgery: The surgeon fills a woman's abdomen with a gas and makes small incisions through which a thin scope (laparoscope) can pass into the abdomen. The surgeon identifies the cyst through the scope and may remove the cyst or take a sample from it.

Ovarian Cysts Treatment | Method Two: Birth Control

Hormones Over-Load and More Cyst Possiablites

Oral contraceptives: Birth control pills may be helpful to regulate the menstrual cycle, prevent the formation of follicles that can turn into cysts, and possibly reduce the size of an existing cyst.

Sometimes they will have you take more then just one pill a day for a specific amount of time.
(Hormones Over Load!!!)
Also some birth control will produce cyst.

Ovarian Cysts Treatment | Method Three: Natural Treatment

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Types of Ovarian Cysts

1) Functional Cysts
These normal cysts will often shrink and disappear within two or three menstrual cycles. Because this type of cyst is formed during ovulation it rarely occurs in menopausal women because eggs are no longer being produced.

2) Dermoid Cysts
Ovarian cysts which are filled with various types of tissues including hair and skin.

3) Endometrioma Cysts
These cysts are also known as the chocolate cysts of endometriosis and form when tissue similar to the lining of the uterus attaches to the ovaries.

4) Cystadenoma Cysts
These are ovarian cysts which develop from cells on the outer surface of the ovaries

5) Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome(PCOS)
Cysts that form from a buildup of follicle cysts which cause the ovaries to thicken. These cysts cause the ovaries to enlarge and create a thick outer covering which may prevent ovulation from occurring and are often the cause of fertility problems

6) Corpus Luteum Cysts -The corpus luteum is an ovarian gland that manufactures progesterone once an egg is released, in order to prepare the uterus for possible pregnancy. If pregnancy doesn't occur, the corpus luteum usually disappears. However, the corpus luteum may occasionally become a fluid-filled cyst, also known as corpus luteum cysts.

7) Follicular Ovarian Cyst - A fluid-filled sac in the ovary, the most common type of ovarian cyst. It results from the growth of a follicle. A follicle is the fluid-filled cyst that contains an egg. In some cycles, this follicle grows larger that normal and does not rupture to release the egg. Normally it resolves with simple observation over the course of days to months.

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